Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taronga Zoo Wild Rhino's Project

Hi Fellowers, it's been a while and late last year I've been a very busy women indeed. Me, alongside 55 artist nationwide have been commissioned by Taronga Zoo to help raise funds for the zoo's rhino breeding program. The Rhinos will be displayed publicly around Sydney CBD for a month, collected and then sold off at an auction held by the zoo. All funds raise will go directly to helping the zoo and the breeding program. My one is "Porcelain Rhino" as the species is getting increasingly fragile as the the imitation of porcelain reflects on that aspect. Without protection, it will be lost forever.

Sponsored by QBE, you might see "Jenny the Porcelain Rhino" at the QBE reception. It was a pleasure painting this rhino. It was hard work but with the help of friends and family, it was all worth the effort and at the end of it, sad to part with Jenny. She'll be officially out on the streets 2nd of February and hope you guys bump into it!! Don't damage it please!! She's fragile...

For more information check out the website