Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jaeme's Ultimate Baby Mix Album

Hi Everyone, last friday was the last day of work for my collegue before she goes on maternity leave. I decided to make a baby mix album, a song chosen by each person in the office for her unborn baby. There is a "happy" disk which includes all happy songs and "sleepy" which is all the soothing baby lullabies. I designed the cover and put in a CD case, it even as a mix of her and her hubby's face moshed together. I know it's creepy but she had a real good laugh.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

London Recreation

Hello Everyone, long time no blog. 2 months ago I joined a sketch club at the papermill in Sydney. Every last thursday of each month we gather around and sketch to out hearts content =) This is some homework we had to do, the above is an old london library card and we need to draw inspiration according what was written. I got the "London Recreation". I haven't been to london before, so this was a bit difficult... so I drew the tube map on one of my K dolls head and drew the tube logo on the bottom corner- called "Upperground" rather than "Underground". It doesn't make sense but, that's what i feel about london, it's a bit complicated & confusing due to to the fact that i know nothing about it, the unknown makes it fun. I guess i got the recreational part covered....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mr Mandaring

Hi Everyone, it was so bored at work to today that my collegue decided to decorate a mandarin and give it to me. It has 2 faces: one 9 am grumpy side and the 5pm Yeah! side. Isn't it brilliant! The only problem now is that i don't want to eat it...bummer!


Hello Folks! Just been to the snows last long weekend and I must say that there's snow, snow and snow!! Although it was a short weekend away, managed to fit time to build a snow man! Enjoy guys and hopefully post something more meaningful than a crummy old snow man.